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Over the last five years, the number of Google searches for the term "podcast" has steadily climbed. Nowadays, podcasting is an on-demand technology. Podcasts are a great method to interact with your audience on a personal level. You can learn new things while working on your own projects. Podcasts have lately gained popularity in India and have progressively become a new trend among young people.

Project Goal

When using a podcast app, users sometimes struggle to select an appropriate one to listen to due to the amount of podcasts available. As a result, the most important goal of a podcast app is to assist users in discovering their favourite podcasts without regard to language barriers. In addition, the app emphasises more interaction and personalization of the experience. All above enables customers to have an unique experience while listening to their podcast.

Goal 1

Helps user identify the most suitable podcast for their requirements

Target Audience

Goal 2

Making it easier for the consumer to connect with the podcast.

Millennials and Generation Z make up the majority of podcast listeners. ( 16 to 40 years of age )

Pain points of users:

Paying a high subscription cost, language issues, inconsistent episode information, limited offline search, and sharing it. 

Features of the app:

All possible languages and topics of interest on this platform.
* Make it Less costlier
* Voice boast which helps to give user enhanced audio clarity, environmental noise reduction.
* Has sleep timer 
* One can share a part of the podcast with their friends and family. 
* Also, you can share your thoughts as well.


A podcast is a series of digital audio files containing spoken words that may be downloaded and listened to on a personal device. To identify trends and usability insights from existing customers, I did an initial customer survey, as well as market research queries.

User Survey
How long do you listen to a podcast on average?
People enjoy listening to podcasts for 15 to 30 minutes.
2.What time of day do you like to listen to a podcast?
The majority of users prefer to listen to podcasts at home or on weekends.
3. What device do you often use to listen to podcasts?
Podcasts are usually listened to on mobile phones.

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User Persona


Piyush is an engineering student who is passionate about his education. He has to stay current with industry advances and perspectives from the world's top IT influencers.

Problem: He doesn't have time to watch TV shows or read books, so he likes to listen to podcasts while on the go.

Name: Piyush Tak
Age: 23
Education: Student
Hometown: Gurugram
Family: Unmarried

* Save time
* Mobility
* Stay up to date

* Easy to use application
* Large library


* Improperly selected
* Recommendations
* Inconvenient management

* Inefficient time spend
* Difficulty in choosing a podcast

User Flow

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Color Palette


Font used





Main Screens

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