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Develop an app for an online movie ticketing system

Project Overview

The product: 

This project intends to give customers the ability to reserve movie tickets online, allowing them to do so at any time, via any location, and with less effort. It's an entirely computerised system.

Project Overview

The problem: 

  • Standing in line takes time, and no one enjoys it. 

  • There isn't enough personnel to service consumers in a timely manner.

  • Issues with cancellations and refunds.

  • High Fee for Convenience.

The goal: 

The major objective of this system is to offer consumers with comprehensive movie information so that they may book tickets, and the refund function provides it more flexibility.

User research: Summary

To better understand the consumers, I must consider from their perspective and maintain the material overwhelming while avoiding distractions, which are frequently the cause of user abandonment. In this project, I focused on user problems and attempted to solve them using interviews, surveys, empathy and journey maps, user and navigation flows, and other methods, in order to create an app that is convenient to use and responds to their concerns at all levels of convenience.

User research: Pain points


After going through the entire procedure, customers grumbled about not being able to acquire the seats of their choosing.


Users have continued to express their dissatisfaction with the complexity of the procedure.


During the release of new movies, when traffic on the app or site is higher and tickets sell out faster, the interface may be improved and the server can be strengthened.

Persona: Arpit Taneja


Name: Arpit Taneja

Age: 19 

Education: Student (Thapar University)

Hometown: Faridabad

Family: Unmarried

Arpit is an engineering student who is committed to his academics. He enjoys going to the movies with his friends and family. He believes that cinema costs are sometimes too expensive, restricting them from seeing as many films as they would want.


  • Wishes to watch a good movie with friends and family.

  • A user interface that is simple and easy to understand is required.

  • Requires a simple way to compile a list of movie reviews, ratings, and prices in one place.


  • Many apps don't make it easy to find movies with the right filters.

  • To find reviews, he has to look Google and other apps.

Journey Map


Empathy Map

  • The user interface is perplexing.

  • Which movie theatre should I go to?

  • The payment procedure is complicated.

  • No good filters.


  • Compare movie times and shows.

  • Watches movie trailers on online.

  • Look up reviews on IMDB.

  • Make a plan with your pals.


  • What is best for me ?

  • How should i book the tickets ?

  • This time, I'm hoping for discount.

  • I should start with ratings and reviews.


  • Excited

  • Overwhelmed

  • Irritated

  • Satisfied



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